CompTIA Mobility+

Length: 5 days | Audience: IT Professionals | Level: 200

The CompTIA Mobility+ course will equip the candidate with knowledge and skills required to understand and research capabilities of mobile devices and features of over-the-air technologies. The candidate will also deploy, integrate, support and manage a mobile environment ensuring proper security measures are implemented for devices and platforms while maintaining usability.

After completing this course, students will have knowledge in:

  • Configure over-the-air technologies.
  • Apply RF principles.
  • Implement a wireless network infrastructure.
  • Implement network infrastructure devices and services.
  • Implement mobile solutions.
  • Prepare the enterprise for a mobile network.
  • Deploy mobile devices.
  • Implement mobile device operations.
  • Maintain mobile device operations.
  • Deploy mobile applications and related technologies.
  • Implement mobile app protocols and services.
  • Implement mobile security.
  • Mitigate mobile network risk.
  • Implement incident response.
  • Troubleshoot mobile devices and networks.

Module 1: Configuring Over-the-Air Technologies

  • Mobile Networking Introduction
  • Evaluate and Select Cellular Technologies
  • Implement WiFi Technologies

Module 2: Applying RF Principles

  • Apply Radio Frequency Concepts
  • Conduct a Site Survey and Analysis

Module 3: Implementing a Wireless Network Infrastructure

  • Choose a Network Topology
  • Describe the OSI Model
  • Implement Network Ports and Protocols


Module 4: Implementing Network Infrastructure Devices and Services

  • Implement a Firewall
  • Implement Connectivity Devices and Services
  • Traverse Wireless and Wired Networks
  • Implement Wireless IP Traffic
  • Configure Core Wireless Network TCP/IP Services
  • Implement Disaster Recovery

Module 5: Implementing Mobile Solutions

  • Create a Mobile Device Policy
  • Align Mobile Device Management to Enterprise Requirements
  • Align Mobile Service Solutions to Enterprise Requirements
  • Align Mobile Infrastructure Management to Enterprise Requirements

Module 6: Preparing the Enterprise for a Mobile Network

  • Implement the SDLC
  • Prepare the Infrastructure

Module 7: Deploying Mobile Devices

  • Cellular Device Activation and Deployment
  • Configure Mobile Device Peripherals
  • Complete the Onboarding and Provision Process
  • Complete the Off-boarding and De-Provisioning Process

Module 8: Implementing Mobile Device Operations

  • Distribute Centralized Content
  • Implement Deployment Best Practices
  • Configure Remote Capabilities

Module 9: Maintaining Mobile Device Operations

  • Manage Lifecycle Operations
  • Backup, Recover, and Segregate Data
  • Stay Current with New Technologies

Module 10: Deploying Mobile Applications and Related Technologies

  • Choose Mobile App Types
  • Determine In-house Application Development Requirements
  • Implement Push Notification



Module 11: Implementing Mobile App Protocols and Services

  • Configure Mobile Applications
  • Implement Proxy and Gateway Settings
  • Implement Information Traffic Topology

Module 12: Implementing Mobile Security

  • Implement Encryption Methods
  • Implement Access Control
  • Implement PKI
  • Implement Security Monitoring

Module 13: Mitigating Mobile Network Risk

  • Identify Risks and Threats
  • Implement Mitigation Techniques

Module 14: Implementing Incident Response

  • Identify an Incident
  • Create and Execute a Policy-based Response
  • Report an Incident

Module 15: Troubleshooting Mobile Devices and Networks

  • Implement Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Troubleshoot Device Problems
  • Troubleshoot Application Problems
  • Troubleshoot Over-the-Air Connectivity Problems
  • Troubleshoot Security Problems
  • Review

It is recommended that CompTIA Mobility+ candidates to have the following:

  • CompTIA Network+ or equivalent working knowledge.

Have at least 18 months of work experience in administration of mobile devices in the enterprise